The KCon 2022 held the second of five activities on March 11, 2022 which focused on the mission and vision, objectives, key performance indicators, strategic elements and road map of the Center for the Advancement of Local Governance (CALG). The activity was participated in by CALG Coordinators, Facility Leads, and Members, who collectively crafted a draft mission and vision statement for CALG.

LGOO VII Alvaro F. Fabon, Jr. began the session by giving an overview of the strategy-making and strategy-executing process drawing heavily on the analogs of private business. The key takeaways from the presentation are the desired outcomes that a sound strategy is supposed to engender. These outcomes can take many forms, among which are: increasing market share, gaining competitive advantage, entering new product or service categories, expanding geographic coverage, and the like.

From the standpoint of a government agency, analogous outcomes can mean expanding the reach of Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs), improving effectivity and efficiency metrics, introducing new types of services and delivering the same farther afield.

LGOO VII Fabon also characterized a Winning Strategy as that which fits an organization’s situation, gives it a competitive edge, and results in superior performance.

The conferees then took up the matter of Key Performance Indicators which may apply to one CALG Facility but not another. For this reason, further discussions ensued to determine which particular KPIs are to be used to measure a facility’s performance level.

The final mission/vision statement and KPIs for the whole CALG shall be taken up in subsequent KCon meetings.