An online orientation on the Local Road Management Performance Assessment Tool (LRMPAT) was held last March 10, 2022. Technical personnel from the Financial, Planning, and Engineering offices of the 17 NCR LGUs as well as DILG Field Offices, and the Project Development Management Unit (PDMU) were in attendance.

Subject matter experts from the Office of the Project Development Services (OPDS) of the DILG Central Office briefed the attendees on the details of the LRMPAT and walked them through the form that needs to be filled out in order to complete the assessment.

LRMPAT was designed to assess, using objective metrics, the capacity, and performance of a particular LGU in the area of Road Management. Recognizing that Road Management involves not only the construction and maintenance of roads, LRMPAT integrates both technical and financial aspects of road management into a comprehensive and data-rich whole.

As a management tool, LRMPAT is invaluable in identifying gaps in local capacities, be it in planning, budgeting, construction, procurement, or project and process management. The use of LRMPAT, therefore, provides local government units a roadmap where remedial action may be required.

Regional Director Maria Lourdes L. Agustin, CESO III, emphasized the need to subject all LGUs to the rigors of the LRMPAT in view of the ongoing devolution of powers, functions, and responsibilities from national agencies to local governments. She also cited the imminent implementation of the Mandanas-Garcia ruling promulgated by the Supreme Court.

“Roads are not just channels for the movement of people and goods – on the one hand, it is a major factor in determining the quality of life of the people, on the other, it is the nation’s ability to compete and succeed in the global market. When policy-makers think ‘Infrastructure’, roads are high up in the priority list together with bridges, ports, and highways.” RD Agustin said.#