Crisis management orientation for CDs, CHs held

Specialists from the National Security Council served as resource persons in an introductory course on crisis management for DILG-NCR City Directors (CDs) and Cluster Heads (CHs). 

The event aims to equip DILG-NCR leaders in the nature of crisis management and its protocols to prepare them for incidents that will require them to assume the role of incident commanders in their areas of responsibility. CDs and CHs hand in hand oversees operations of the 17 field offices of the region. 

The training echoes Executive Order (EO) No. 82 or the Practical Guide for National Crisis Managers and the National Crisis Management Core Manual. Under the EO, the DILG is the lead agency for threats to peace and order.    

Philippine Navy Commander Fidel Añonuevo Jr. and Colonel Maria Cecilia Pacis, National Security Specialists from the National Security Council led the discussion of the nature of crisis management, delineation of command and responsibilities, transition of command responsibility, required data and contingency planning and its documents.

Included in the training is an action planning workshop. Participants were divided into groups to work on different crisis scenarios for application of learnings; the action plans were then presented to the body for critiquing to provide further guidance to the CDs and CHs.     

DILG-NCR Regional Director Maria Lourdes Agustin expressed that the activity is vital for the top management of the region, especially now that preparations for the ‘Big One’ is intensified. 

“Through this activity, we hope that we will be able to enhance and strengthen the management skills of our City Directors and Cluster Heads, to help them dispense their duties, even in the most pressing times,” she shared. 

DILG-NCR, as RPOC-NCR Secretariat is set to conduct a crisis management orientation for local chief executives in June. #



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