The NCR is the only region in the country that is entirely urban and has become   the countrys political, economic, and educational center.

 It has a total of 646.1 square kilometers in area and is composed of sixteen (16) highly urbanized cities and one (1) first class municipality broken down into 1,705 barangays.

Among all the regions in the country, the National Capital Region (NCR) is the most distinguished and plays a vital role in terms of governance and development. This is true as NCR is the home of the National Government (Malacanang Palace) and its national agencies and is the center for Business, Trade, Education and Information and Communication Technology .

The area of the region and its characteristics may be incomparable with others. The population and mobility in NCR has been continuously increasing thus demanding for a more efficient delivery of basic services particularly from the government.


System of governance in Metro Manila that is perceived as the command post of the nation has been continuously gauged and measured as this region poses a greater challenge. The government needs to respond to the basic services and needs of its 11.5 million people at the helm and scrutiny of the public, the media being their eye.


Land Area         :  646.1 sq. km
Population         : 11,553,427 ( 2007)
No. of Congressional Districts : 30
No. of Cities                : 16  (HUCs)
No of Municipality        : 1 (1st Class)
No. of Barangays : 1,705
No. of Registered Voters: 6,135,189 (2010)
No. of Precincts Established: 39,631



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