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“… the Department of the Interior and Local Government shall order the Mayors of all Cities of Metro Manila… …to inspect all factories, commercial establishments, and households along the banks of the major river systems… …to determine if they have wastewater treatment facilities and/or septic tanks…” –DILG’s role in the Manila Bay Clean-up, Rehabilitation and Preservation Project as directed in the Supreme Court Resolution dated February 2011


          The DILG-NCR issued several memoranda to Metro Manila Mayors and other concerned officers to execute the Order of the Supreme Court. However, DILG-NCR did not stop there. It has chosen to dedicate itself to a vision of a clean and swimmable Manila Bay.

             Manila Bay, in its current state, symbolizes the Filipinos’ neglect and abuse of nature. It shows how generations have gone about their business without concern for the environment and the future generation. It glaringly shows the absence of foresight on waste disposal, urbanization and on disaster management, things that our past leaders failed to see the importance.

             Decades of disregard and abuse has resulted into a “inter-generational” and “cross-jurisdictional” problem.  Rivers, creeks, esteros, and waterways had become so narrow and shallow that flooding has occurred more frequently than ever before. Coliform count in portions of Manila Bay have reached 33,333,333 to 446,666,667 most probable number per 100 ML, specifically in Luneta and Navotas Fishport areas. Manila Bay has practically degraded into the biggest septic tank of Metro Manila.

             The DILG-NCR has invested its resources and political capital to realize its vision of a clean and lively Manila Bay.

             More than ordering LGUs to conduct inspections of establishments along every waterway, DILG-NCR has undertaken steps to ensure the capability of local governments to carry-out the inspections through seminars, trainings, and meetings.

             Further, DILG-NCR, through its City Directors and field officers continue to encourage LGUs to strictly implement RA 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2003.

             From July 23, it has lead in conducting bimonthly clean-ups by all NCR barangays, which after four rounds, has mobilized hundreds of communities and collected tons of wastes.

             More than collecting wastes from esteros, the clean-ups are being done to raise community awareness in the importance of a clean Manila Bay in hopes of spurring participation from every Manileño and eventually creating an attitude of bayanihan towards our environment.

             To create a larger constituency for Manila Bay, the DILG-NCR shall soon launch the MANILA BAY OK! campaign, which aims to educate communities on the Manila Bay issue and what can be done to alleviate the problem.

             The task is herculean. It is complex. It can only be solved if everybody, from the government, private sector, civil society, religious groups, and communities rally together for the cause.

             Let us make Manila Bay the symbol of the Filipinos’ ability to band together for a common cause. Let us make it a rallying point for future successes. Let us make Manila Bay the start of a better Philippines!


-DILG-NCR Manila Bay Team


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