Local Governance Regional Resource Center

 The LGRRC is a dynamic, interactive and virtual program that contributes to building the DILG as a knowledge centric organization (KCO) and builds learning communities that pursue local governance excellence through knowledge sharing and innovation.


  • Promote a culture of learning and knowledge sharing
  • Consolidate the wealth of information on good local governance
  • Improve access to these knowledge and information
  • Promote awareness and replication of exemplary practices in local governance


  • promote a culture of learning and knowledge sharing in pursuit of sustainable development
  • support DILG in its role as primary catalyst for excellence in local governance
  • harness the role of DILG as knowledge brokers and facilitators of CapDev in local governance


  The LGRRC-NCR is knowledge-centric organization for excellence in urban governance that engages learning communities for knowledge innovation and development.


 In pursuit of our vision, the LGRRC-NCR commits to:

 * Promote knowledge generation and sharing by documenting best practices, exemplary performance, innovations and current trends on urban governance and development, and maintain knowledge products readily available to our clients - LGUs, stakeholders and the public in general;

* Shape responsive policies and craft innovative programs based on thorough research and studies;

* Install effective and up-to-date systems and technologies through constant performance review and organizational analysis;

* Foster strong partnerships by actively engaging CSOs, NGOs, and other stakeholders in collaborative initiatives and undertakings;

* Strengthen capacities through holistic human resources development programs.


      LGRRC-NCR: Enriching knowledge, building competencies.



LGRRC Manual of Operations

LGRRC Communication Plan 2014

LGRRC Business Plan

LGRRC Roadmap


User's Mannual

1. Certificate Registration System (CRS)

2. Permit to Leave the System (PTL)

3. Electronic Locator Chart

4. Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

5. Linkages Information System (LIS) 


1. Capacity Development Facility
- Venue to deliver quality, strategic and responsive capacity development

Technical assistance
- different participatory approaches and tools (LGPMS, ELA, coaching)
- Project proposal development
- Replication
- Materials development and enhancement
- Referral service to pool of coaches, local resource partners and institutions

Activities Conducted:

DILG-NCR Accelerates Competencies of First-Line Supervisors

Scaling Up the Knowledge of Field Officers on People’s Shelter Planning

DILG-NCR conducts Training-Workshop on Local Shelter Planning for Makati, Marikina, Navotas, Valenzuela    and Pateros
•    Seminar-workshops for a Stronger Barangay Justice System held
•    Environmental Laws Capacitate DILG-NCR Personnel for Greater Manila Bay Clean-Up Efforts
•    2012 Awarding of the LTIA Awards
•    San Juan City identified as pilot site for Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS)

2. Public Education on Good Governance and Development, Citizenship
         Facility to promote good local governance practices and innovations:
            Conduct conferences, roundtable discussions, forums
             - Exemplary practices
             - Tools and Processes
             - Cases
             - Policy Issues
             - Governance trends
       Partnerships with media for public education

Activities Conducted:

•    Raising Understanding and Capacity on Urban Governance
•    Manila’s Liga Launches First-Ever Factbook Report
•    PNoy’s call for disaster resilient LGUs at the Tapatan Roadshow

Involving the Community through Barangay Assembly

3. Linkage Facility
 Facility to link LGUs and other local governance stakeholders to Go-FAR, LGPMS and local development planning
    - Promote and undertake replication of exemplary practices through Go-FAR
    - Provide access to and use of LGPMS
    - Provide support to local development planning i.e. CDP, ELA
    - Provide access to network of coaches, experts and the local resource institutions (LRIs)

Activities Conducted:

•    DILG-NCR partners with the EMB-NCR for waterways clean-up
•    DILG-NCR Conducts First Aerothon for Manila Bay OK!
•    REGIONAL PARTNERSHIP WORKSHOP: Localizing and Converging Good Governance and Poverty Reduction

                    Universities Participate in Formulation of Housing Plans for Informal Settler Families

                    Empowering Participatory Governance thru Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS)

                    Multi-Stakeholders’ Convergence Rally for the Shelter Needs of Informal Settler Families along NCR Waterways

                    North Supra LG District Spearheads A Multi-Stakeholders’ Convergence Conference for Zero Casualty San Juan River

4. Multi-media Knowledge and Information Facility
      Repository of books, knowledge products, exemplary and replicable practices, audio-visual materials
             - Library with multi-media service
             - Access to internet, databases and e-libraries
             - Access to LGU Portal

                             Updates    - Inventory of Knowledge Products

                                             - Inventory Non-Print

                             Activities Conducted:

                                        DILG-NCR Conducted Google Cloud Training

                                        QC Barangay Secretaries undergo Orientation – Workshop on the E-BGPMS

                                        San Juan City Barangay Secretaries Make Headway in ICT Development

                                        DILG-Las Piñas Conducted One Day Orientation Workshop on the Enhanced BGPMS and Google Cloud Technology

                                        DILG – Valenzuela Hosted the Orientation on the Enhanced Barangay Governance and Performance Management 

                                        System and Google Cloud Computing

                                        DILG-NCR Conducted Inter-Phasing Orientation on Computer Databank System and E-governance to San Juan City

                                        DILG-NCR launched the Online Reports Databank System

                                        QC Barangay Secretaries undergo Orientation – Workshop on the E-BGPMS

                                               Quarterly Reports


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