Seal of Good Housekeeping

Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH)

     This is a project which recognizes LGUs with good performance in internal housekeeping, particularly inthe areas of local legislation, development planning, resource generation, resource allocation and utilization, customer service, and human resource management and    development, as well as, in valuing the fundamental of good governance.


     The Seal advances the primacy of performance, accountability, transparency and participation. In the 2011 implementation, assessment focused onsound financial management measured through the absence of an adverse or a disclaimer COA opinion on local; financial transaction and on transparency and accountability measured through  theobservance of the Full Disclosure Policy.


     For 2012, the criteria for SGH is scaled-up and with three (3) categories, called bronze, silver and gold. 


     The criteria for the bronze SGH are: No adverse or disclaimer COAopinion and Full Compliance to the Full Disclosure Policy.



    The criteria for the silver SGH are:  Good or Excellent Performance as indicated in the CSC Report Card Survey on the ARTA implementation, Functionality of the Bids and Awards Committee and Full Compliance to the posting requirement of PHILGEPS.


    The criteria for the gold SGH are: Above benchmark LGPMSperformance, Presence of Internal Audit Office, Functionality of LDC, LSB, LHB and POC and Joint ventures or cooperative arrangements with POs and NGOs in the delivery of basic services, capability building, livelihood projects, agri- and other socio-economic development endeavors; and IP representation in local sanggunian and other local policy-making bodies as embodied in DILG MC No. 2010-119.  For both the silver and bronze categories, LGPMS is not among the criteria.



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