Quezon City

Official Website: www.quezoncity.gov.ph


Quezon City is the largest city of Metropolitan Manila, which is an urban agglomeration of 16 cities and 1 one municipality.   This region is the political, economic, social, cultural, and educational center of the Philippines. As proclaimed by Presidential Decree No. 940, Metro Manila as a whole is the Philippines' seat of government.

Quezon City is the Philippines’ largest service economy, with most of its more than 58,000 registered businesses engaged in wholesale and retail.  It is a shopping haven, with more than 28 shopping complexes scattered throughout the city.  The city hosts the third largest shopping center in the world, in terms of leasable space.   It may be called a lifestyle city, with many of its areas aiming to create a consortium of conveniences for people living and working here.  
It has a number of mixed-use, 24-hour communities, with businesses, residential condominiums, restaurants and malls in integrated developments.  Common features of these areas are public access to wireless fidelity fidelity wifi services, integrated commercial centers, 24-hour restaurant services, 24/7 business operations and very pedestrian-friendly environments.

Conveniently, the city is the site of the main broadcast stations of the Philippines’ biggest media conglomerates and the office site of a high concentration of event planners and production managers.


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